Solidarity and Compassion Project

August 15, 2018: Together with Immigration lawyer Arno Jaffe, Palliative care nurse Elli Melton, UCSB Chicano Studies professor Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval, and UCSB climate scientist Professor Catherine Gauthier, we explored how best respond to Moral Distress. Anahita Holden will adorned our evening with Harp and Song.

Solidarity and Compassion Project

July 18, 2018, with guest Souken Danjo from Hiroshima, Japan. It was an evening with song, prose, and poetry with Rev. Scott Claassen, Anahita Holden, Juliet Rhode Brown, Thepo Tulku also readings by Dave Richo, and Reuben Weininger.

Solidarity & Compassion Project

June 20, 2018, with Dave Richo and Radhule Weininger moderated by Michael Kearney.

Guided Meditation  June 6, 2018

The Nest In The Stream: Lessons from Nature on Being with Pain

Michael Kearney’s new book “The Nest In The Stream: Lessons from Nature on Being with Pain” was published by Parallax Press on Feb. 27th.

We enjoyed this afternoon as Radhule lead a guided meditation and introduced Michael who read from his book and leads guided meditations featured

in the book.

Solidarity and Compassion Project

March 6, 2018: The spiral of the work that reconnects has four points on it: the theme of last month’s meeting was Gratitude, this session is Honoring Our Pain, which will be followed in the coming months by Seeing with New Eyes, and finally Going Forth.

Our three panelists are Reverend Scott Classen, Juliet Rhode-Brown, and Michael Kearney. Join our guests as we explore together creative and transformative ways of being with pain. Radhule Weininger moderated the evening.

“Psychologists Off The Clock” – Podcast with Diana Hill Ph.D. In

this episode on Feb 26, 2018, Diana interviews clinical psychologist and meditation teacher Dr. Radhule Weininger. Dr. Weininger shares her path to Buddhism and how her meditation practice informs her therapy practice. Dr. Weininger discusses her understanding of self-compassion and describes approaches we can

use to increase a felt sense of kindness toward ourselves. Dr. Weininger describes The Compassionate Choice Practice–a technique she developed for approaching our emotional reactions that integrates Western understanding of emotions with Buddhist principles of mindfulness and compassion.Finally, Dr. Weininger leads us in a loving-kindness meditation led by Dr. Weininger.   Off The Clock


In support of La Casa de Maria, we had an afternoon with music, poetry, meditation, Taize Chanting and inspirational talks. Together we shared our sadness, fear of an uncertain future, but also celebrate life together. As a place La Casa de Maria is more than the physical land, that is wounded right now. The spirit that connects and loves us all is always present when we open ourselves to its healing.

The afternoon was moderated by Radhule Weininger and Michael Kearney. Guest speakers Steve Jacobsen, Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaeffer, Imam Niazi, Pravrajika Vrajaprana, and Rabbi Steve Cohen joined us.

Noah Owens played his guitar, we had Taize Chanting by the Beatitudes with Cantor Chris Fahrenbach, Suzanne Dunn, Jeannette Love, Suzanne Malloy, Piano, Lisa DeBoer, Flute, and Anne Anderson, Cello. Concert pianist Heena Yoon from UCSB played Chopin,  Anahita Holden playing her harp with Daniel Gerard on guitar, sang an original song written by Daniel. Teddy Macker shared 3 poems with us.

Solidarity and Compassion Project

February 6, 2018. “Reconnecting Through Music and Poetry”

Our guests for this evening was our friend and poet Teddy Macker, Glen Phillips and members of his song circle shared and taught a few heart-centered songs. Noah Owen, a classical guitarist, and Heena Muwon played the piano. Anahita Holden with her beautiful voice and harp played with Daniel Girard on guitar.

Solidarity and Compassion Project

January 16, 2018. “The Light of Grief” with guest panelists Curtis Skeen, Laura Mancuso, Kurt Goerwitz, Steven Jones, Marvel Hitson, and Teddy Macker. Anahita Holden and Daniel Girard perform “Halleluja”

Half Day Retreat with Radhule Weininger and Diana Hill – Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gathering during Thomas Fire for Meditation with Radhule & Michael – Tuesday, December 13, 2017

Solidarity & Compassion Project

December 5, 2017, with Reverend Julia Hamilton, Professor Terrence Keel, Imam Yama Niazi, MA.Div. Marvel Hitson, Jungian analyst and philosopher Robert Bosnak, Michael Kearney and Radhule Weininger

A beautiful song written and sung by Juliet Rhode-Brown accompanied by harpist Anahita Holden was shared with us.

Radhule gives Heartwork talk at IMCW in Washington DC – September 27, 2017

Radhule leading Compassion Meditation at IMCW – September 27, 2017