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The Bodhicitta Effect

In November 2016, as I listened to speeches by the new administration, I felt a chill and sense of dread. Nightmares began to haunt me, awakening my genetic memories as a post-war German. I remembered stories I was told as a child by my relatives. In 1934 my grandfather lost his job as a history […]

The Sisyphus in Each of Us

In these unpredictable and perilous times many of us look aghast at the Trumpian world and right-wing movements across the globe and experience feelings of heightened anxiety, fear and even dread. As we continue to feel bombarded by news of chaos, aggression and danger, it is difficult to maintain an attitude of presence and caring. […]

January Newsletter

Dear Friends,   As always, I am excited about the New Year. There is the promise of something fresh, with new potential to emerge. It is like moving into a new house. However, when we move we bring a lot of old boxes from the old house with us.  And we also know that the […]